Thank You: DRV Dealers,
RV Product Vendors and Service Providers!

The SOITC Board and its Members would like to acknowledge the donation of financial contributions, products, and Services from the following sponsors and vendors. Their participation greatly assists in helping our annual SOITC International Rally be successful.

As the owner of a DRV product and SOITC member you’ll be proud to obtain products and services from our sponsors. In addition SOITC has arranged to bring you special offers, factory representatives at annual international rallies, seminars and vendors.

Level Requirements
Elite These sponsors have contributed $1,000 or more in sponsorship support of our annual rally.
Gold These are sponsors who have financial contributions, or product, and or services between $500 and $999 for our annual rally.
Premier These sponsors are involved throughout our annual rally activities in Financial donations, products and or services of $250 – $499.
Suite Our ‘Suite’ sponsors are definitely sweet! Throughout the year you will find club support from our Suite sponsors with donations from $100 to $249 and our annual rally.
Select Grass roots sponsors that support the local area efforts and work toward the success of our annual rally.

We welcome RV-related businesses to support SOITC and its activities. Sponsorship of club activities is recognized on a tiered scale that applies whether the sponsorship is for a single club event or for on-going club operations. Details are available at

To offer sponsorship of SOITC operations or activities, fill out the SOITC Vendor & Sponsor Application (PDF 572kb) and email it to Don’t include any payments with the application—arrangements will be made for your donation once your application has been received and approved. In completing the form, please provide the business contact information including email address,  best phone number and time to reach you along with a website address if available. Use the Comments section of the form as necessary to describe any details of your proposed sponsorship. Potential sponsors will be contacted to finalize details of your support. 

General Sponsorships can be in the form of cash (by check) or items or services of value to the general operation of the club. Club officials will be the final judge of an item’s value. Such donations are welcome at any time throughout the year.

Rally Sponsorships can be in the form of cash (by check) or in items or services suitable for inclusion in the Rally Raffle. Rally officials will be the final judge of an item’s value. Raffle items must be delivered to the rally venue before noon of Rally Registration day. Cash payments are due the 1st of the month prior to the Rally.