• Any DRV Owners Travel Club member can seek or arrange support from potential and or actual Corporate Sponsors donations that directly support club activities
  • Any Rally Sponsorship shall be coordinated with the principle Board officer’s position as per the matrix approved in the DRV Owners Travel Club Charter & By-Laws Matrix
  • Any agreements for Corporate sponsor donations can be for specific club events, social function, door prizes, internal and or external business operations costs (i.e. Liability insurance payments.) etc. In other words money provided for a specific normal rally event or business necessity and can be expended by the DRV Owners Travel Club management with no strings attached.
  • Prior to a DRV Owners Travel Club Rally the Board shall review and coordinate all interested inquiries concerning sponsorship for integration into the planned Club event(s).
  • All financial instruments shall be made payable to the DRV Owners Travel Club treasury. Mailing of the donation should, if all possible, be mailed directly to the appointed DRV Owners Travel Club Treasurer and/or the designated person for account processing for processing and accountability.
  • Material and or Service donations can be provided to the coordinating Board member who then has the responsibility of informing the Board of its receipt and has to ensure that the donated in-kind item arrives at the Club event.
  • DRV Owners Travel Club, Inc is a register non-profit corporation with the Indiana Secretary of State Business Services agency.  Deductions may be allowable as part a sponsors business operations expenditure. A sponsor should check with their business tax professional on allowable business deductions practices.
  • At our DRV Owners Travel Club annual meeting, all donations for the previous reporting period shall be identified to the Club members in the annual Treasurer’s report.
  • The DRV Owners Travel Club Vice President shall notify the Club web-master with necessary information so the Club website can identify each years sponsors and how they contributed to the DRV Owners Travel Club activities.
  • We shall only support sponsors who have a direct affiliation of services and or products that can be utilized by recreational vehicle DRV Owners Travel Club members, (All members are requested to exercise common sense when approached for sponsorship from inappropriate businesses.) The Board has the right to decline any donation it deems inappropriate.
Tier Donation Sponsor Benefits
Elite $1,000 or more Website posting, rally flyer, email notice, rally event named for them, event directory and/or public acknowledgment at event
Gold $500 – $999 Website posting, email notice to members, rally event named for them, event directory and/or public acknowledgment at event
Premier $250 – $499 Website posting, event directory and/or public acknowledgment at event
Suite $100 – $249 Website posting, event directory and/or public acknowledgment at event
Select $99 or less Public acknowledgment at the event


DRV Owners Travel Club Board Of Directors