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The SOITC membership directory contains the contact information for all members who have given us permission to share their details by signing the privacy statement on membership and renewal application forms.

Listings for those who have not given permission to share their contact information are limited to their name, state, membership number and suite description. If your contact information is not included in the directory and you would like it included or if your information is included and you would prefer it not be included, please contact the club’s Treasurer at to clarify your privacy preferences.

Any member in good standing may receive a current membership directory up to twice each year. The directory is updated periodically as new members join the club and is sorted alphabetically by last names. Please note the directory is being distributed in electronic form only (as a PDF file) at this time (a limited number of printed directories may be available at annual or regional rallies for those members who do not have access to the Internet).

The directory file will be sent as an attachment to a reply to your request.

Your Board of Directors takes protection of members’ privacy very seriously and we will do everything in our powers to assure that individual members do the same.

Should you open the reply from other than your own computer (such as one at a library or a campground), please do not download the directory file to that computer – Print it instead and then be sure to take it with you.

To request a copy of the directory please fill out the form below: