SOITC sponsors two web community groups, a forum and a Facebook group.

Both groups are open to anyone who is interested in joining. You do not need to be a member of SOITC to join, we only ask that you keep the discussion civil!  After answering a few questions about yourself, your membership will be forwarded to a moderator who may verify your email address and approve your membership. Joining these groups does make you a member of SOITC which has annual dues and benefits.


Facebook PageNote that there are several Facebook Groups related to DRV 5th wheels. Only SOITC’s brings the benefits of a larger organization behind it. SOITC is non-profit organization of DRV owners. All members must own DRV products. We maintain a close relationship with DRV, although we are an independent group. We encourage you to join SOITC in addition to our Facebook Group. The official SOITC Facebook Group is: DRV Community / SOITC or






Forum PAgeThe forum is an invaluable reference as it discusses issues that DRV owners have solved for nearly 15 years. With many active participants you’ll find the discussion lively and interesting. SOITC Forum or