If we can have 4–6 volunteers, per committee, working with a Board member it shall allow for better planning, implementation and hosting of each year’s rally activities.


Members to assist in site parking guide  functions and act as spotters for parking needs of attendees while positioning their units-rigs.


Members who provide prepared information registration packets and assist with answering questions about the rally from arriving attendees at the Rally designated registration area.


Working with one of the designated Board members assist in planning social events from recommendations and brochures provided by Management of the selected rally location.  This activity requires operational  support in the prior planning phases of each announced rally as well as final coordination for Board presentation.


Members who assist in setting up or preparing decorations that are used during the Club rally activities. Normally this is in the main meeting room where a majority of the rally activities are conducted.

Daily news bulletin on activity changes

Members who have a laptop or desktop computer with them that can assist in publishing a daily single page news letter (front & back) with interesting articles about the area, members facts from interviews, next day’s schedule and highlighted changes if any.

Roving reporter for interviews and articles

Members who are willing to say Hello to fellow members and write a small article about subjects discussed with attending members.

Food coordinators

Members who in the early planning phase of a scheduled rally research, coordinate and recommend cater, eating locations and members provided meals for the planned rally. This includes working with the hosting site management and developing recommendations, including estimated costs from the research and coordination performed.

For more information on volunteering, contact the SOITC President