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Welcome to Suites Owners International Travel Club

Suites Owners International Travel Club Welcomes You!


Thank you to all the Suite Owners who attended the 2015 Las Vegas Rally

We had 67 suites and about 142 people in attendance along with 4 vendors. The 2 dinner’s and lunch were enjoyed by all….nobody left hungry! The Jersey Boy’s show on Wednesday was the highlight of the week. As I understand it, on one of the buses we had some outstanding entertainment between the Oasis RV Resort and the Paris Hotel…..ask someone who was on that bus!

A BIG THANK YOU to Hank Salmans(Reneen) and the Western Area for setting up and running a smooth Rally!

We had elections for the positions of Secretary, North Central and Western Regional Directors. After the Regional meeting were over and the ballots were counted I am happy to announce the following new Board Members:

Jody Codwise, Secretary
Paul McCellan, North Central Director
Steve Peterson, Western Regional Director

At each Rally we say “Good Bye” to some of our Board Members and this year is no different. On behalf of both the Club and myself I want to say “Thank You” for a job “Well Done” to both our club Secretary, Ken Zimmerman and our North Central Director Cherri Strohofer. They both have served for three years in their positions and Cherri still serves as one of the Website Moderators.

Everett Ellwitz, President
Everett & Susan Ellwitz


The SOITC Organization is made up of many members, approximately 300! Within the organization we also have a small group of people who step forward at various times to do many odd jobs for the club. At the 2015 Rally we are in need of people to fill the following positions within the club:

FORUM MODERATOR, monitors the forum and keeps content within club guidelines. Fore more information contact either Hank Salmans Vice President or Everett Ellwitz President

I hear many comments from people as to why or why not they cannot fill a position or volunteer. Our organization is made up of volunteers including the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, regional directors and web moderators. These volunteers are our pulse and without them we would not survive as an organization. I also read/hear many complaints regarding issues about the club itself and concerning our website; many of them I would not want to repeat.

I do remember something from back in the 60’s that President John F. Kennedy said and I am paraphrasing;

Ask not ….. what your club can do for you, but ask …..
what can you do for our club and……
Be part of the solution and not the problem

Everett Ellwitz, President SOITC 262-424-8827


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Why is the “SOITC” so solid? "It’s our VOLUNTEERS” Yes, it’s all the Suites owners, who willingly become members of our Club, and volunteer their support by attending the scheduled Annual, Regional, and State or Provincial events in different parts of the United States and Canada.

As the owner of a DRV Luxury Suite you are invited to become a part of the SOITC Club. Its officers and administrators are seasoned fellow Suite owners from all over North America that plan and participate in the club’s activities.

The Suites Owners International Travel Club, Inc. (SOITC) was formed in 2006. The purpose of the Club is to promote friendship and the exchange of ideas and experiences among its membership through on-line discussion forums and local, regional and international campouts. Members of the SOITC share the same passion of RVing and its lifestyle and enjoy the fellowship of families of all ages and professions.

The SOITC is a non-profit, self-sponsored and self-supporting organization that is open to any owner of a Luxury Suites made by Link to DRV. Although the SOITC will act as a liaison with Link to DRV management concerning their recreational vehicle products, the Club is neither part of, nor formally operated and or managed by Link to DRV. Activities of the Club are managed through an independent board of directors elected by the members of the Club. SOITC chapters are organized by states with four regional directors and an international board.

Membership benefits include fun rallies, informative seminars, vendor presentations, special pricing on parts from DRV, discounts on parts and labor from participating dealers, RV insurance discount from Farm City Insurance, social interaction with other club members and a club forum to discuss various topics such as tech tips, rally information, good campground locations and other helpful information. The SOITC RV Club is new and your membership will assist a growing group of Link to DRV owners in the development of an organization that provides its members interesting and educational information about your Link to DRV Suites 5th wheel and a variety of other RV subjects.


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Updated Friday, 15-May-2015 16:21:03 EDT


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